Sugarpie_pic14“Toxic” it’s the new video for the single from the album “Waiting for the one“, by Sugarpie and the Candymen. “Toxic” made famous by Britney Spears, the Video resumes ironically the topic behind the term “toxic love” an encounter between our main Sugarpie girl, a little tipsy maybe… and a handsome young man, citing a famous scene from “Last Tango in Paris” all of this while the Candymen boys are struggling as judges in a dance contest. Shot entirely at the Biba Dancing venue in Lusurasco (Piacenza) by Federico Maccagni, and includes the strong participation of 10 dancers (Filippo Calamusa, Alessandra Dermi, Alessandro Pintabona, Serena Lombardi, Daniele Gaboardi, Stefania Troiano, Marco Barbieri, Andrea Mei, Enzo Rubino e Paola Pedrazzini).

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