The Snipplers are an electronic duo formed in 2007 by Joao Ceser, former Hardcore Metal singer andJazz / Rock drummer, with rapper / beatmaker Scarty. They have an incredible live impact, totally without computers, based on synths, microphone, drummachine, lights and great visuals by VJ PauerHart. Thanks to their fresh live approach The Snipplers are getting a lot of bookings in dance clubs as well asrock venues. Their debut CD on Hypotron / IRMA follows a digital EP release on Beatport. The album’s titled ‘Nipple’ and contains 15 poisonous tracks where electronic rhythms, rock and rapmerge dangerously into a violent, yet groovy outcome, where synths are pushed to the extreme. Among the album tunes their remix of ‘My baby left me’ for Ninfa and participations by fellow Hypotronartists Belzebass. Their second album, titled ‘A Year Of Shaking’, is released on Hypotron Records (the label managed by Ninfa & Supabeatz) like the previous one and distributed by IRMA records. As the title suggests, the album includes the result of one year of emotions and sacrifice, transformed by The Snipplers into 12 tracks full of energy and melody, characterized by indierock/nudisco atmospheres, with sonorities that are purely pop, but maintain their clubby rhythmic approach.

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