New volume of the Jazz House Independent series, that has reached its seventh release. Born as a musical ‘magazine’ about Irma’s most refined House releases, now it also includes a selection of productions from associated labels, like Recycle, run by Guido Nemola and Santorini, and the newly born Engrave, launched by Sicania Soul. CD1 starts with the remix by LTJ X-perience (Luca Trevisi) of ‘Soul Desires’ by Zone, one of the hottest underground hits right now! Followed by J Boogie’s remix of Sabo & Zeb and Guido Nemola’s rework of ‘Staying For Good’ by Papik, the tune that is being playlisted by many European radios and is in Italy a jingle for major network RMC. First track on CD2 is the remix by Interanima (from Argentina) of ‘Drive’ by Fromwood; followed by the remix of Acusmatic Group by German producer Riccicomoto; an unreleased track by Coppola, the team composed by Matteo Camurri (DJ Keemani) and Ohm Guru; another unreleased tune by Cristian Stolfi & Ariano Kinà (sung by Adam Clay); an unreleased remix by From P60 of Belladonna’s ‘Time After Time’

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