The_Blue_HammockThe Blue Hammock is an Electronic Duo formed by Paolo Paolini and Giovanni De Rosa. Their Headquarters is in their Production Studio called ‘Groove’ in Terni (Abbruzzo), an important and named Place for Top Italian and International Music Productionas having hosted over the years Artists such as: Mario Biondi, Amy Stewart, Katia Ricciarelli, Ellade Bandini and Awa Lee. The Blue Hammock are an International focal point in the Chill Out / Lounge circuit. Their version of “With Or Without You” (U2) with ‘Cellar 55’, was the opening Track of the Radio Montecarlo produced “New Classic” compilation, And it was the track with more Radio Plays than any other back in 2003. The famous cover also enjoyed (and still does !) numerous TV usages in various TV Networks like, Rai Fiction, Mediaset and Sky Tv. To follow, two of their other tracks were selected for two different Volumes of the world’s most famous compilation of lounge and chill out music, ‘Buddha Bar’ (Volume 3 and volume 6). Many of their Productions were used as background music in many National Television Programs including: La notte di Lucignolo, Crimini, Crimini 2, Amici, La Prova del Cuoco, etc. and some of their Productions would become the soundtrack of many national and international companies, among them, the long collaboration with ‘Giorgio Armani Corporation’ (theirs, the Music of the Official website), but also playlists for the international fashion shows Catwalk and background music for the Armani Stores, Baci&Abbracci, Nivea, Teuco, Martini, Technogym, and Comfort Zone.

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Chill Out Downtempo Lounge

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