”Spazzatura” is the title of the new album of Eell Shous, a mix of dub-step, hip hop, electro funk and beatboxing.  Eell Shous is the brand new musical project by Davide “ScartyDoc” Passoni and Marco “Tempo” Lombardo. The Eell Shous are resident open act at the hip hop / rap underground monthly review Olyo!bollente and of the dubstep evenings at MERE.DITH of Milan. Recently, they have been open-guest of Colle Der Fomento and Kaos, Dope D.O.D., Rancore e Dj Myke, Ice One, Niveau Zero, Jazz Steppa, Zomboy, Busdriver, LNRipley and many other international Artists; they have been guests at Magnolia Parade 2011 and CarneMvale to 2012 at the East End Studios in Milan as a vocalist / performers for the Vortex.

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