Riccardo Montanari, aka Ricky Montanari, is one of Italy’s most acclaimed deejays and is recognized around the world by any House music lover. He was born in Rimini (a lovely seaside Town on the Adriatic Riviera, renown for its very active nightlife), Ricky became passionate about music from a very young age thanks to a “huge” amount of 45s that his English uncles brought him every summer back from England as gifts.

He began DJing in the ’80s but it’s with the House music explosion in 1988 that he started to make a name for himself and got noticed by a Club entrepreneur named Gianluca Tantini which launched him to become a DJ known worldwide and a symbol for the Romagna Riviera. It was then that Ricky had the opportunity to impose its own sound, eclectic but at the same time capable of forging his mark and making it the “sound” of the moment!

Ethos Mama Club, Diabolik’a, Matis, Vae Victis, Echoes to name just some of the most iconic ones, are the Clubs that see him as Resident DJ at that time, alongside another DJ, a historic name, as well as, Ricky’s close friend, Flavio Vecchi.

It is in those early years when House Music dominated the Charts and the Clubs’ sound that Ricky produced its first and most important record releases in collaboration with some other Italian producers signed to the Bologna-based Label ‘Irma Records’ people like Omniverse, Riviera Traxx, Dreams Unlimited, Key Tronics Ensemble, to name a few, these Productions will push Ricky’s name to be appreciated also as a producer around the world.

Over the years he has also worked with various music projects by Azuli, Heartbeatbeat, SFP, Revox, Uomo, Nrk, Paola & Chiara, Irene Grandi … and is still very active working closely with local young talents hailing from his Riviera. Some other historic Clubs were Ricky has DJ’d are: Ministry of Sound, Kw, Amnesia, Pacha, Stereo, Zouk, Dance Valley and CircoLoco DC10, his most recent residencies have been at Echoes, Titilla / Cocoricò, Buongiorno Classic of Rimini.

His historical connection with IRMA Records sees him involved in the 30 Yrs Label celebration selecting some of the best tracks of the 90s from the Label’s catalogue for this brand new Compilation. Ricky’ selection contains some of the best productions and other gems, some almost forgotten, which reflect his style and the particular sound that have characterized him since his beginnings.


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