Two different places in the world both located in the South, in the same vein linked by ancient Traditions founded on human artistic forms, the simplest and therefore the deepest: Voices and Percussions. Voices as expressions and communication, the Griot’s voices spread the news in the most Distant villages of the Savana, as the working chants of Salento women give some relief during their long working hours in the fields. The Percussions as vital beat of the earth and the cerimonies. As the African drums act as the Communication and trance vehicle during the Tribal cerimonies. The beat of Salentino’s tambourine, articulates since distant times, the healing cerimonies of the Taranta’s bites and make us re-live again the Dionisio’s rituals through their rhythms. A South intersection then, for an original and engaging encounter, where the Pizzica Taranta meets the African rhythms. The hectic sound of Tambourines converse with the Talking-drum, The Griko chant melts with the oral tradition of the Mali’s griots.

Tracking list:

[mp3t track=”” title=”01 Santu Paulo”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”02 Masaya”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”03 Lu rusciu de lu mare”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”04 Kele”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”05 Pizzica Tarantata”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”06 Tele'”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”07 Ferma Ferma”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”08 Yala”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”09 Cu lli suspiri”]

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Ethnic / World Taranta / Pizzica

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