Swing as a music style started in the States in the 20’s and together with Jazz became popular in 30’s and 40’s, it’s a style recognised by the Rythm swinging movement, hence the name. In the last few years a new genre called ‘Electro Swing’ has emerged, a modern version of it’s predecessor with electronic and contemporary Club Sounds influences, but thanks to this the original Recordings of Swing Classics have been re-emerged by popular demand! IRMA records has been involved in this new ‘Swing Fever’ as well and with this new Compilation, introduces all the new Artists that have been recording Tracks in this style, Between Swing and Electro Swing! The most known so far are Sugarpie And The Candymen, which, with their Single ‘Tell Me Boy’ (The Track that opens the compilation) are at the moment airplayed by most Italian Radios and highlighted  in the Caterpillar Program on Radio Rai 2 that has invited them as Live Guests on the Show. Apart from other known names in the Label such as : Papik, Aaron Tesser, Musetta, Italian Secret Service and Robert Passera, there are also some new entries that are appearing on the Compialtion for the first time, as Emsy Prank (their brand new Video is becoming very popular and getting lots of clicks on Youtube), Just Bubbles, Minor Swing Quintet, Mojito Brothers. You can also hear some really fun covers of tracks like: The Beatles’ Drive My Car recorded by ‘Sugarpie’, Love by Nat King Cole rivisited by Fred Buccini and last but not least, ‘Tu Vuo Fa l’americano’ originally by Carosone here performed by Melania.

Swing Til U Drop !!

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