The_Shiffers_The_Kaleidoscopic_Dreams_1450_72THE SHIFFERS is Claudio Zanoni’ solo Project .
He is one of the Authors and Trumpet player for the Ridillo acclaimed outfit with Five Albums under their belt and numerous prestigious collaborations from Eumir Deodato to Gianni Morandi from Montefiori Cocktail to Orchestra Volare. Also responsible for a number of catchy TV Jingles for RAI and Mediaset TV productions.

This project comes in parallel to their other activities and favours the instrumental aspect compared to the traditional ‘song’ format.
The diversity of the literary art that makes room to a less restrictive musical dimension in which to gather ideas more freely.

The first album, titled ‘The Incredible Adventures Soundtrack’ was released back in 2007 and received unanimous praises all over the world from the generation nicknamed ‘Cocktail Fans’. Several songs have been used on TV Commercials and Films including the Sony Playstation ‘PS3 Slim’ Ad which featured their explosive guitar driven track ‘Body Down’.

is his second album, and it comes seven years after the previous one and it moves substantially in the same genre as the first one, in a kind of loyalty scheme trying to stay in line with what has worked so well in the past !
On one hand the instrumental aspect of the tracks is well taken care of but with an eye to the traditional song format which is always there, and the concept  of the “kaleidoscopic” container in which to gather ideas freely, but always full of irony, wit and easy charm that evoke the musical references which are so dear to the author himself.

so here they are the Bacharach inspired tracks, a touch of Bossa Nova, and the typical Italian B-movie soundtracks, the variety again which characterized
the First Album.
Each track becomes a fascination, an emotional reference, a little soundtrack that for a moment takes care of us, taking us away from the noise of the everyday routine.

For this new adventure The Shiffers choose to be guided through their music horizons, expanded even more and varied by a special mentor the ‘Parmesan Cowboy’, an imaginative character born between Via Emilia (Famous Emilia Romagna main Road) and the West, a perfect synthesis between belonging to a land (the Shiffers !) and an unspecified elsewhere strictly only imagined.

It’s exactly in this vast and unknown place that ‘Kaleidoscopic Dreams’ take shape  and this is where the journey begins.

The Shiffers – The Kaleidoscopic Dreams of a Parmesan Cowboy

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