Mr_Wolf_Problem_Solved_CoverMr. Wolf it’s the brand new project that starts straight from the deep passion for West Coast and A.O.R. Music (Adult Oriented Rock) by Nerio ‘Papik’ Poggi and Alfredo Bochicchio (versatile guitarist with numerous collaborations under his belt and a current member of Papik Live Band). Other musicians involved in the project are Toto Ielasi on bass, Marcello Surace on drums and Clemente Ferrari on keyboards, the outfit have composed 12 songs on the Rock Blues tip, with reminiscence of bands like Steely Dan, Chicago and Eagles going up to Robben Ford and the more recent John Mayer. The absolute main point of the project is lead singer Alan Scaffardi though, who’s also Papik’ singer, he plays his part perfectly with his voice adapting to more ‘rougher’ atmospheres as requested by the melodies of these new songs. Other important musicians appear as guests: Massimo Ida’ (keyboards), Giuseppe Milici (accordion), Carlo Conti and Carlo Maria Micheli (sax), Massimo Guerra (trumpet and flugelhorn), Ambrogio Frigerio (trombone), Simon “Federicuccio” Talone (percussion) and Ely Bruna makes a cameo appearance with a Gospel Choir in “You bring me joy.”

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Rock Rock Blues

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