Lupin_III_Cover1440 Lupin III – The Italian adventure, is the fourth ‘Lupin III’ Anime TV Series, the one with the blue jacket!

After 30 years since the last of his television series, finally in 2015 in a world premiere, broadcasted on ‘Italia 1’ the new series of the most beloved cartoon thief exceptionally set in Italy and in San Marino has arrived.

For this occasion, the Japanese production company TMS Entertainment, has
appointed Irma Records to be in charge of creating the music for the series broadcasted in Italy.

90% of the original music was written and performed by Roman based Papik’s producer Nerio Poggi and his Team, who has worked for years with the Bologna based label, who along his trained musicians has composed over 50 instrumental songs ranging from Jazz to Funk, from Swing to Bossa with a style reminiscent of the legendary soundtracks of the Italian and American action movies of the ’70s.

In this collection of 40 of the most significant soundtracks, we have some songs by the Japanese producer Yuma and an original vocal version of the cartoon theme song by Ely Bruna.


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