Brand : LEVI’S
Client : Levi Strausse & Co. (USA)
Concept for : the Launch of LEVI’S ENGINEERING, the new brand of the American Company Levi Strauss aimed for the European market, IRMA has released this Compilation which contains all the songs that have been the musical soundtracks for the recent Levi’ TV spots, from  SHAGGY with “Boombastic” to ARCHIVE with “You Make Me Feel”, to carry on with T-REX and theirs “20th Century Boy” and KING KOOBA with “Fooling Myself”, to conclude with the big success of PEPE DELUXE with their acclaimed track “Before You Leave”, baground music for the famous TV spot “LEVI’S TWISTED TO FIT”. The CD was distributed and sold all around the world in both Music Stores and inside the over 50.000 Levi’s official Shops

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