The 15th June is started “Dolcevita Outlet”, the summer festival inspired by the culture and lifestyle of the ’50s and ’60s, with exhibitions, shows and enogastronomic events every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until 17th August. 67 appointments in two months, hundreds of artists from all over Italy: Outlet Dolcevita is a high-level cultural event that integrates with the cultural offerings of the area to animate the summer of Abruzzo and tourists. La Dolce Vita is the symbol of an era but also a picture of Italianity spread around the world: the culture of life squares, outdoor cafes, good food, of slow rhythm and pleasures of life, thoughtlessness and social life. Music is one of the main themes of Dolcevita Outlet which (thanks to collaboration with the label IRMA Records) proposes every Wednesday from 19  the evocative rhythms of DJ-sets by Robert Passera, Cesare Cera aka Black Mighty Wax and Cesare Ferioli aka Big Mojo, and every Friday at 21 Dolcevita Outlet will host live concerts of the best Italian independent production: Fred Buccini, Papik, Locomotiv, Sugarpie and the Candyman, Banda Brasileira, Aaron Tesser and the new jazz affair, Montefiori Cocktail, Gazzara and Sweet Caterina.


13th July  – Fred Buccini

18th July  – Black Mighty Wax dj set

20th July  – Banda Brasileira

25th July  – Black Mighty Wax dj set 

27th July  – Sugarpie and the Candymen

1th August – Robert Passera dj set

3th August – Aaron Tesser and The New Jazz Affair

8th August – Big Mojo dj set 

10th August – Montefiori Cocktail

15th August – Robert Passera dj set 

17th August – Locomotif


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