KAIGO is a project born in 1996 from the collaboration of two great personalities, coming from opposite musical worlds but certainly at the top in their sectors. DANNY LOSITO vocalist with a great natural talent, very talented for melodic lines and with a strong interpretative personality, recognizable and powerful. Its greatest success is an international dance song released in 1990, with the project
“Double Dee featuring Dany” together with DJ producer David Domenella. The title of the song was “Found Love”!
Becoming a hymn of 90s music all over the world, this song was followed by other hit singles and an album with the same title. The second element that gave birth to the Kaigo is GIANLUCA MOSOLE. Multi-instrumentalist, arranger and guitarist judged among the most talented a European level in the jazz / fusion field, with various record works produced and collaborations with world-class musicians.

KAIGO In 1997, they signed their first contract with Caterina Caselli’s Sugar label.
and they release the album “CON L’ACCENTO SULLA I”. In the major Italian radios yes
distinguish the pieces “La La La” and “Fammi Volare“, which lead to the two editions of ’97 and ’98 of San Remo Giovani, gaining great approval from the criticism. In 1999 they change record labels and sign for Warner a new contract, consequently they publish a new album “FREEABLE”. The main song is
a cover, with Italian text written by Losito and rearranged by Mosole, from titled “Dove Sei“, of the popular song “Lovely Day” composed by Bill Withers. Also this was broadcasted with good frequency in all the main radios.
In 2000, to pursue solo projects, the two leaders interrupt the cooperation.
And we come to the present day where Losito and Mosole recover together to take up old and new ideas, and during the lockdown they end the project “KAIGO III”. This third episode will be released for the first time in English language, thank you
also to the inclusion of the songwriter Kareem Shabazz.
The release is expected with one of the longest-running independent labels of Italian panorama, the “Irma Records”.

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