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Bonbon City is the first summery release of a two-year musical journey, researched and written by the quartet Jazzincase. The title of the first release from the album, Bon Bon, takes its inspiration from a famous Schopenhauer’s quote. It tells us that what seems like an ordinary day is the progress of every single moment, which is seen as the beauty of a fine tale, written for each of us, as allegorical sweets.

Jazzincase has several meanings: «Jazz in the suitecase» or «Jazz by chance». Everything goes through the various facets of such a versatile type of music, in fact Bonbon City embraces: swing, bossa nova, house and pop. Ten songs, eight originals, four languages, to take the listener through different emotions: a witty and bright spirited performance in French; the charm of the Brazilian world, the songwriter’s handprint on the Italian interpretations and, finally English for two published songs taken from the International landscape and re-arranged with a personal interpretation in the Jazzincase’s style. A chance encounter between 4 professional musicians to create a project dedicated to their common language: smooth jazz. A life dedicated to the music: international and national tours, original song-writing for Italian and international artists, participation in big bands, TV programs and composition of cinema and TV theme songs.

Jazzincase are: KikiOrsi vocals, Danilo Riccardi piano and keyboards, Luca Tomassoni bass and double bass and Claudio Trinoli drums. An important team collaborate in this first project, good friends, musicians and arrangers: Carlo Maria Micheli sax on Bon Bon, ils m’appellent e Mi chiamano; Cesare Vincenti trumpet on Oh Charly! e Je te vouvoie; Giovanni Sannipoli flute and Mauro Businelli cello on Non Dimenticare arranged and played by Gianni di Crescenzo on piano. Again: Luca Scorziello percussion on Lapis-lazuli, Bon Bon, Je te vouvoie; Fabrizio Foggia on the Rhodes piano for the Nerio Papik Poggi’s arrangement of Je te vouvoie and DJ Belladonna on the dance remix of Bon Bon.

In conclusion, exceptional inhabitants of Bonbon City, for those who wish to walk among streets made with jazzincase’s music, to all of you: Welcome!

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