Jazz 2 More its the brand new music project masterminded by Lo Greco Bros.

The numerous  experiences and interesting music itineraries that have seen them travel through different music styles and genres in recent years, underlines their needs and passion for contemporary music and in particular for dancefloor contaminated sounds.

The brothers Enzo and Gianni seen here as authors, composers and producers come to explore these new sounds beginning with jazz roots and reaching very colourful areas in particular the electronica feel which is closer to the world of DJ’s and alternative dance clubs .

The ‘Nu Jazz Culture’ defines this universe of sounds, musicians, producers, and DJs who have their approach to Jazz spontaneously and personally by freeing patterns and traditions into a continuous experimentation.

The Jazz House and all the uptempo rythms is clearly ever present in this project, but also Electro Jazz and Jazztronica and every other beats that defines this world.

Jazz 2 More is therefore a new alias for Lo Greco Bros and for their collective of musicians and friends, an important new project that, will come to life with new forms of music, as they did originally with their previous projects like ‘Milano Jazz Dance Combo’ and ‘Soulstance’.

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