The wonderful voice of Rossella Graziani is measured in personal reinterpretations of songs that draw not only in the consolidated repertoire of standards, but also in the field of Italian song (Rossella sings in italian the only original song on the CD). Flanked by a rhythm of great musical depth and confident experience (A. Altarocca, F. Del Gaudio, M.Manzi), with the cameo in some passages of the lyric tenor Leo Carboni, Graziani offers us here the opportunity to fully appreciate the great gifts interpretative, always able to communicate with strong emotional intensity.

Listen here.

In ’95 she took part in the RUVIDO SHOW (Saturday in prime time on RAI 1), as a solo singer with Enzo Iacchetti, Giobbe Covatta, Gioele Dix and Paolo Cevoli. She sang at Zelig in Milan with Paolo Rossi‘s music group. She spent three years under the guidance of Michael Allen (pianist and arranger of the Memphis Horns) singing in the most important clubs in Italy, participating in ’93 and ’94 at the Porretta Soul Festival and Roxy Bar of Red Ronnie. She collaborated with David Hudson and Antony Bennet, singing as a soloist with the White gospel choir at the Europauditorium in Bologna.

She collaborated with the musicians: Jimmi Villotti, Nicola Arigliano, Antonio Onorato, Francesco Villani, Achille Succi, Adriano Molinari, Fabio Testoni, Giancarlo Bianchetti, Graziana Borciani, Piero Odorici, Teo Ciavarella, Stefano Calzolari, Massimo Manzi, Enrico Lazzarini and many others. . For some years, she has undertaken an artistic association with the pianist Alessandro Altarocca, to whom Felice Del Gaudio has been added to the double bass and Lele Barbieri on drums, forming the Rossella Graziani quartet, the band performs in the most important jazz clubs and in numerous festivals, as the Bologna jazz festival in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, he represented the city of Bologna with his quartet, presenting the cd MY FAVORITE SONGS, at the Shanghai World EXPO.

From ’96 she is a modern singing teacher at the School of Modern Music in Ferrara.


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