Irma_Goes_Indie_Cover300IRMA records is the longest running Italian Independent label and this year celebrates 25 years in the business. 25 long years in which IRMA has made a name for itself at international level as a pioneer in the style named ‘cocktail music’ and as groundbreaking scouts for discovering and launching a number of international hits in dance music.

But for some years now, IRMA has broaden it’s horizons by venturing into releasing albums to fit that niche of the market close to fashion and a ‘way of life’ which goes under the name of “Indie“. As a natural progression “IRMA Goes Indie has sprung to life, a digital compilation released on Deezer, gathering all of IRMA’s Indie Artists, and a Live event going by the same name, where all the bands featured on the Label perform on rotation. An adventure that began five years ago and it’s now an established Live music Occurrence.

The First “IRMA Goes Indie” will be held on 2nd November at the ‘New Age’ Club in Roncade (Treviso) and will feature: Sophie Lillienne, Drunken Butterfly, Phinx and JoyCut!

The afore mentioned compilation “IRMA Goes Indie” will feature the following Artists: JoyCut, Kalweit and the Spokes, Locomotif, Drunken Butterfly, Captain Mantell, Basterd Keaton, Sophie Lillienne, Phinx, Nepovero, Sara Lov and Simona Gretchen.

IRMA goes Indie” on Deezer

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