Enrico Brizzi, one of the most popular Italian writers of the last twenty years, with “Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo” has been touched by the soul of a whole generation of income in addition to changing his life since a young age, has always loved submit their written during dynamic reading-concert.  In 2009 the meeting with Yuguerra (Bologna band composed the homonymous singer and guitarist, Tony Farinelli on bass, drums and Andrea Wilko Insulla on guitar). Immediately arises a great harmony that brings Enrico Brizzi and Yuguerra and so the band now known as “Enrico Brizzi and Yuguerra”decides to work on a project. They begin to work on the album “La vita quotidiana in Italia” (Everyday life in Italy) following the latest publication of the volume of Brizzi’s “La vita Quotidiana in Italia ai tempi del Silvio” (The everyday life in Italy at the time of Silvio-Laterza Edizioni). Eleven tracks to tell the state of the country as effectively as possible by combining the words of the poem with the urgency of rock. Many friends and colleagues collaborate to the albums: Roberto “Freak” Antoni from the Skiantos, Alice Albertazzi Alix, writers Gianluca Morozzi and John C. aka Wu Ming 2, Steno (frontman of the legendary Nabat), Nada “Nadine” from Le Tremende, Giorgio Canali and Richard P. aka Wu Ming 5 (Nabat).

In the packaging of the CD booklet you will find a special three unpublished stories of three great Italians written by Enrico Brizzi.

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