Eleven tracks to tell the state of the country as effectively as possible by combining the words of the poem with the urgency of rock.

Many friends and colleagues collaborate to the albums: Roberto “Freak” Antoni from the Skiantos, Alice Albertazzi Alix, writers Gianluca Morozzi and John C. aka Wu Ming 2, Steno (frontman of the legendary Nabat), Nada “Nadine” from Le Tremende, Giorgio Canali and Richard P. aka Wu Ming 5 (Nabat).

In the packaging of the CD booklet you will find a special three unpublished stories of three great Italians written by Enrico Brizzi.

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[mp3t track=”” title=”01. Fino a un attimo prima sembrava impossibile”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”02. Dio salvi Bologna”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”03. La donna di pane”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”04. Lettera a Pertini”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”05. Lo specchio della società”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”06. Silvio summer”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”07. Silicio Sigelli”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”08. Le vite degli altri”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”09. Non salutare chi non ti ama”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”10. Rialzati Bologna”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”11. Un’altra primavera”]

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