Durty Geeks are a band at the boundary between Soul, Funk and Hip Hop born in 2013. The lineup is quite uncommon in the Italian music scene, despite the usual four elements: Federico “Piezo” Pezzotta, on the electric piano, keyboards and synths; Francesco “Frenz” Crovetto, founding member and drummer of OTU; Gregorio “Greg” Conti, bass player also part of Verbal and Bangarang!; Edoardo “DJ Edo” Fumagalli, on the turntables and samplers.
The Durty Geeks sound universe is an illegitimate son of Hip Hop, but without the main element – the voice – replaced by scratches and samples. This produces an instrumental form that winks at the American soul and funk of the 60s and 70s, as well as the Italian composers who in those same years signed cult movie soundtracks: Piccioni, Nicolai, Bacalov, Trovaioli to name a few.
From La Dama Rossa uccide sette volte to The Mack, the sound flows like a second feature film screening. A sequence shot that does not indulge in the past but that leads straight into modernity thanks to the more contemporary interventions of synth and scratches, and to sporadic experimentations in electronics.
The first EP We Gun Make It was released in 2014, an exploration of the american imaginary linked to weapons, between urban and rural contexts, containing 3 tracks, self-produced and printed by CORPOC.
Now the first full length album is out, titled Also Starring, 9 tracks plus 5 skits mixed by Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Afterhours, Caliber 35 etc.) which constitutes an instrumental journey through B-movies filmography, citing cinema subgenres such as wuxia, blaxploitation and italo horror.

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