CARADEFUEGO (translated as Face of Fire) are a Spanish band that combine femininity, in front woman Maria Rayo, with a delicate electronic backdrop. Caradefuego recorded their first album “Masculina” in 2004 (V2, Spain, 2004), inspired by the book “El Amante Lesbiano” (The Lesbian Lover) by the philosopher and writer José Luis Sanpedro. With this album they were selected as the ‘Grupo Talento FNAC-SPAIN ’ of Spain, 2005 and for the tour of ‘Artistas en Ruta 05’. The president of the Spanish Film Academy, Angeles Gonzalez-Sinde, has included one of their songs (Polynesia) in the film: ‘Una Palabra Tuya’. With their music they got to play in ParlaJazz Festival, AV Festival, Cala Pop festival, Mijas Pop Festival, Damos el Cante Festival, Malaga Frita Collective Festival, Comtemporary Centre of Art: CAC, BABOO Lounge Sessions, LOLA´S Party, Malaga Club Festival, etc… Sharing the stage with international artists like Arto Lindsay (musician and producer of Marisa Monte, Caetano Veloso, who’s also played guitars in their song “Masculina”…), Bebel Gilberto, Thievery Corporation, Sushila Raman, Martín Buscaglia, Adriana Deffenti, Fangoria, Sidonie, Fila Brazillia… Caradefuego participated in the first AV Festival, one of the most important in Europe for electronic and alternative music. Maria Rayo has received the ‘Mujer Emprendedora’ (Women Entrepreneurs) 2009 awards thanks to her work as the composer and singer in Caradefuego. ‘Déjame vivir con alegría’ (Let me live happy) is the new Caradefuego album. Vital and energetic, luminous & spiritual… Doubtlessly lucid. It has brought back an elegance and sophistication to a musical world that has forgotten dreamy singing and gentle rhythms. Eleven songs plus five remixes with fairy tale arrangements, flavour from the latin music of our grandparents, electronic craftsmanship and brazilian sensibility flirting with pop. ‘Déjame vivir con alegría’ is made for adults and for all free and sensual spirits. International and Spanish collaborators: Martín Buscaglia from Uruguay, the sexiest voice in Latinamerica, naif-punk artist, and composer has collaborate with them in Tranquila song singing with María Rayo, Alexandre Kassin (Kassin+2, la Orquesta Imperial), musician, composer and one of the important talents of Brazil (Vanessa da Mata, Adriana Calcanhotto, Moreno+2) ) made Polinesia remix, Nacho Canut, dancefloor guru, Iamblichi, earthly and digital explorer, Mr. Conde, Latinwood sound creator… and much more…

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