Legendary IRMA act Black & Brown, headed by Picchio Bagnoli and Andrea Raffini (bass and guitar of the band, but also authors of all their original compositions) have been around for nearly 20 years and are known as the most prestigious Funk band in Italy. They have two studio albums in the IRMA catalogue and have worked with loads of artists from different genres. Last year they won the Heineken Live contest in Italy, with a set that was a tribute to their main inspiration, the Godfather of Soul and Funk, the unforgettable James Brown! This LIVE CD wants to celebrate their victory. The album includes several of James Brown’s innumerable hits: from ‘I Feel Good’ to ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’, from ‘Superbad’ to ‘Soul Power’, from ‘Get On The Good Foot’ to ‘Turn me loose’, but featured here are also other classics made famous by 70’s milestones like Ohio Players, Sly & The Family Stone, Rose Royce. The title track ‘We Gotta Party’ is one of the four Black & Brown’s originals on the album, recorded in their full live arrangement for their 12-piece line-up (9 musicians + 3 vocalists).


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