Bengi (aka Daniele Benati) has been the lead singer and guitarist for Italian pop band Ridillo for the past 16 years, but in the last couple of years he’s also been busy producing and composing TV themes for Rai, Mediaset and Sky. He’s worked with top Italian artists like Feelgood Production, Montefiori Cocktail and Robert Passera. ‘Charme and Shake’ is Bengi’s first solo album, a fine example of classic Italian Cocktail Lounge music, but with a fresh touch of breakbeat flavour. As the title suggests the album has 2 sides: a Charme one, influenced by the polished world of classy lounge music and international easy listening, and a Shake one, that draws the energy from from 60’s Beat, powered by a more contemporary breakbeat groove. On ‘Charme and Shake’ Bengi shares lead vocals with sensual Thai singer May, who already released her own album and plays keys in Bengi’s live set. On stage Bengi is joined by his fellow Ridillo member Claudio Zanoni on trumpet, who has just released The Shiffers debut album on La Douce too. Keep it in the family…!

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Breakbeat Cocktail Lounge Lounge

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