Liner notes by Sarah Jane Morris: The compilations that come from Corso Como are some of the very best you will hear. I have had the pleasure of buying each and every compilation and I cherish them all. To start with the beautiful packaging prepares your taste buds for something a little special and luckily for us the song selection is made by Roberto Gatti who has been one of Italys’ leading music journalists for many years and has just as many years of experience of travelling the world and selecting the very best to wet our appetite. The musical journeys he takes us on are from Europe to Asia to Africa to the Far East to America, South America and beyond. 10 Corso Como is an address that those in the know will travel out of their way to get to, when visiting Milan. Downstairs is a beautiful courtyard with vines, leading to a café which serves liquid chocolate and a bowl of raspberries (a perfect accompaniment for the more exotic of this music) by exquisite waiters. This in turn leads into the wonderful shop that contains clothes, shoes, perfumes, crockery, art, jewellery and all chosen for their style and difference. Up the spiral stairs to an art gallery, a bookshop containing a wonderful assortment and on to my favourite spot, the music shop. Here you will find the best collection of music you could wish to imagine, displayed in a way no other music shop would do. I could spend thousands of euros here and find that everything is something I would like to have in my collection. The Best of 10 Corso Como is indeed the very best!


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