Paolo Di Sabatino has long been considered one of the most interesting Italian jazz pianists and composers. He teaches jazz at the Conservatory “A. Casella” in L’Aquila, has participated in many radio and television (Radio Rai 1, 2, 3, Capital Radio, RAI News 24, TG2, Domenica In, LA7, Talk to me, I own your own) and played in major clubs and festivals in Italy and abroad (Chicago, Tenerife, Berlin, Oslo, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Tokyo, Osaka). For several years he has worked regularly with artists such as Mario Biondi (there are 2 songs on his album “If”‘) and Mariah Carey (with whom he participated in Sanremo 2007 and for which he arranged and played on piano album “Souvenir d’Italie”). And co-author of a song included on the soundtrack of the film “Vallanzasca, the angels of evil” by Michele Placido, presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2010. His propensity for melody led him to think of songs to put into his music and this his new album ‘Voices’ is the result of this process. The cast of singers: Gino Vannelli, Fabio Concato, Grazia Di Michele, Wendy Lewis, Iva Zanicchi, Peppe Servillo, Awa Ly, Sandy Muller, Gegè Telesforo,  Pilar, Massimo Guerini, Linda Valori.

    The musicians are: Paolo on piano, Marco Siniscalco on bass and double bass, Glauco Di Sabatino on drums, Luca Colombo on guitars, Sergio Quarta on percussion, plus an orchestra (conducted by Massimiliano Coclite) and a section of Modern Brass. Fabrizio Bosso and Javier Girotto, Paul’s longtime collaborators, are the soloists to which is added to the accordionist Davide Cavuti in the song ‘Milango’.



    Play 1. 01. Dietro il vetro (feat. LINDA VALORI)

    Play 2. 02. Into the night (feat. GINO VANNELLI)

    Play 3. 03. Cosa ne sara’ (feat. FABIO CONCATO)

    Play 4. 04. Francesco (feat. GRAZIA DI MICHELE)

    Play 5. 05. Milango (feat. IVA ZANICCHI)

    Play 6. 06. Kiss me (feat. WENDY LEWIS)

    Play 7. 07. La distanza (feat. PILAR)

    Play 8. 08. Down to the soul (feat. MASSIMO GUERINI)

    Play 9. 09. Autour de moi (feat. AWA LY)

    Play 10. 10. Estatua de sal (feat. SANDY MULLER)

    Play 11. 11. Higher than high (feat. GEGE’ TELESFORO)

    Play 12. 12. Col sottofondo del mare (feat. PEPPE SERVILLO)

    Play 13. 13. Voiceless (Piano solo)


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