Michele Villari born in Tripoli (Libya) lives and works in Rome (Italy). He’s a saxophone and clarinet player as well as arranger and composer who always resided in the territory of afro American jazz. Jazz deeply influenced Villari’s musical conscience and caused him to enter the jazz scene soon after his classical music studies.

    Boom Boom, the title of his new album, sees Villari both as composer and band leader. The title of the album anticipates its explosive soul and the playfulness of the 8 original compositions. By carefully listening to the album we cross all different genres of jazz: from soul (It Isn’t it) to funk (Fahrenheit 451) to bebop (Boom Boom) until the more intimate ballad’s atmospheres (Cinzia di Tripoli) and samba/bossa nova (Donna).

    Michele Villari shows to have a deep knowledge of the meaning of history applied to jazz: his work is characterized by awareness of classics and search of originality and by doing so affirms a modern vision of jazz empowered by its past. In the best tradition, the musician chooses to enrich his work by playing 26/2 by John Coltrane, sacred icon of all times jazz. This once more underlines the need to keep the bridge from yesterday to today alive.

    Listen here.



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