Drunken Butterfly’s first album ‘Pornocoma’ was released in 2002 on Fridge Records, following their success at two major Italian contest festivals, and had great reviews in all specialist magazines and websites, receiving also an award as best debut album of the year. In 2004 they toured with Italian rock act Gang and they took part to a Velvet Underground tribute compilation with the song ‘Who loves the sun’. During 2005 Lorenzo Castiglioni composed and recorded the songs for the new mini-album ‘Aporia’. In 2006, once again, the new production obtained an excellent feedback. During the same year Drunken Butterfly realized twenty tunes for ‘Unusual Library’, the online database containing music specially  produced for audiovisual use, documentaries, short movies and professional presentations. In 2007 Drunken Butterfly recorded their third album ‘Maggio Giardinaio’. The CD came out in 2008 on Naples based label Seahorse Recordings. In 2008, Drunken Butterfly performed for the first time as a live soundtrack to the silent movie “The Last Laugh” by W. F. Murnau (Germany, 1924) also know for the movie “Nosferatu”. Due to the success of the event they decided to present the show on tour in Italy and to produce a new album with the music composed for that movie. The album is titled ‘L’Ultima Risata’ (The Last Laugh), it includes 13 tracks and is released in January 2010 by IRMA records.

    Since the beginning of 2012, Drunken Butterfly have been busy writing and recording their new Album ‘Epsilon’ which is released in Autumn by IRMA records. Epsilon represents for the Band a return to their roots sound but with a mature experience gained with more than 10 years of activity. After exploring in the last few years the territories of post-rock in it’s most dilated areas, psychedelics and based on harmonics plots, Epsilon is characterized by a powerful rhythmic foundation on top of which, obscure, dry and sharp sounds are grafted and a strong voice that at times is more shouting than singing ! Epsilon is clearly a Record of ‘present days’, fast, modern and nasty, where melodies are exchanged with a more direct and energetic sound impact. Epsilon once again demonstrates the Band’s will to experiment and to progress through their own artistic journey without conceding anything in terms of repetitiveness and sounds previously used. The drawings on the album artwork are by Nicola Alessandrini (nicolaalessandrini.wordpress.com)

    Photos by Leonardo Rinaldesi (leonardorinaldesi.com)




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