• TIGER CLOTH – Love Evolutionary

    “Tiger Cloth is a fluid block of artists resolving around single music releases becoming flesh with every member’s attitudes and inclinations. The frame of each piece as an ironic rhythmic skeleton covered by a roaring chant.”

    This is Tiger Cloth’s manifesto, an artist collective composed by Enrico Scatto and Riccardo Salin on programming and by Filippo Perbellini and Lydia Lyon on vocals. A project with an international flavor, both for the aesthetics so deliberately minimal and for the sounds: soft and enveloping typical of the current nu-soul. This first Love Evolutionary is therefore a business card in view of possible future works, all of which are branded IRMA Records

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  • PAPIK – Little Songs For Big Elevators

    In the wake of the successful third album Sounds For the Open Road, Papik reproposes the double format with this new album called Little Songs For Big Elevators. 30 tracks including unreleased songs and covers ranging [&hellip


    Jazztronica is a genre of contemporary electronic music. The term was coined in the late 1990’s for music that blends jazz elements with other music styles, such as funk, soul, electronic dance music and free [&hellip

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