• THE SNIPPLERS – A year of shacking

    The Snipplers are an electronic duo formed in 2007 by Joao Ceser, former Hardcore Metal singer andJazz / Rock drummer, with rapper / beatmaker Scarty. Their second album, titled ‘A Year Of Shaking’, is released on Hypotron Records (the label managed by Ninfa & Supabeatz) like the previous one and distributed by IRMA records. As the title suggests, the album includes the result of one year of emotions and sacrifice, transformed by The Snipplers into 12 tracks full of energy and melody, characterized by indierock/nudisco atmospheres, with sonorities that are purely pop, but maintain their clubby rhythmic approach. This combination of influences was possible also thanks to the numerous collaborations:
    - Malcom White, who sings on the tune that will be the first single from the album: ‘To Get Her’;
    - Gianclaudia Franchini a.k.a. Clou (Serpenti) in ‘Eating Love’;
    - Tommaso Mantelli (Captain Mantell / Teatro degli Orrori) in ‘Phantoms In The Space’;
    - Ask in ‘Outta Space’;
    - Francesco Fabris a.k.a. France (Phinx) in ‘Fight crew’ and ‘Acrobats’;
    - Stefano Castelli & Stefano Cardinale (The Nerd Follia) in ‘More Love’.

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    Play 01. Never too late
    Play 02. Eating love (feat. Clou)
    Play 03. To Get Her (feat. Malcolm White)
    Play 04. Grinta
    Play 05. Fight crew (feat. France)
    Play 06. Phantoms in the space (feat. Captain Mantell)
    Play 07. La gatta ratta
    Play 08. Outta space (feat. Ask)
    Play 09. Acrobats (feat. France)
    Play 10. Wide
    Play 11. More Love (feat. The Nerd Follia)
    Play 11. A year of shaking


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