• ROBERT PASSERA – Gringo on the rocks

    Before, during and after a set, the DJ’s mind is a kaleidoscope of notes, harmonies, riffs and grooves. Each one of these components has a totally different origin, but when they start revving up together they often end up giving life to something new, creating a jigsaw puzzle where the outcome is completely different from each original piece, yet able to represent them all.

    In this album Robert Passera presents 16 photomontages of musical pop art, conceived assemblying suggestions, rhythms and harmonies from soul, twist, shake, funk, disco, swing and bossanova against rhythms and melodies of the post-consumer society. Robert draws inspiration from cartoons, adverts, yesterday’s and today’s clubmusic and from vintage Italian film comedies and TV-show images.
    Vital is the contribution from Daniele Benati (aka Bengi Jumping), with his arrangements and vocal parts, for giving life to these technicolor dreams.

    Kikko Montefiori, Sam Paglia, Lorraine Bowen, The Shiffers, Jacqueline Perkins, Lisa E, Johnson Righeira and several more guest artists are the icing on the cake for a record which is true easy listening but miles away from the common cliches.



    Play 1. 01. Gringo on the rocks

    Play 2. 02. Explosion n.4

    Play 3. 03. Brill building break fast

    Play 4. 04. A place in the sun

    Play 5. 05. Menage a trois

    Play 6. 06. Tee tee coco’

    Play 7. 07. Vipera vip

    Play 8. 08. Indaghero’

    Play 9. 09. Yo yo boy

    Play 10. 10. Musicarello decamerotico

    Play 11. 11. Lazy mambo

    Play 12. 12. Easy life

    Play 13. 13. Jamaica

    Play 14. 14. Go straight

    Play 15. 15. Moquette

    Play 16. 16. Yo yo boy (bossa mix)


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