• MAESTRO GAROFALO – Coffee Connection

    Alessandro ‘Maestro’ Garofalo was born in Sicily and started to learn how to play guitar at the age of 10, to move on to piano at a later stage. At the age of 18 he began to play piano with local jazz bands until he moved to Bologna in the 80’s. In that city he approached reggae for the first time and met Sud Sound System, the most important Italian reggae band, with whom he started a collaboration that’s still going on today. In the meantime he got to work with different Artists like Parto Delle Nuvole Pesanti, Teresa De Sio, Edoardo Bennato. In the early 90’s ‘Maestro’ met Ohm Guru and started to collaborate with IRMA records. As composer, keyboard player and arranger he has worked on albums by DJ Rodriguez, Ohm Guru, Pastaboys, Black Mighty Orchestra, LTJ Xperience, Ninfa, plus an array of singles by various IRMA Artists. His unmistakable touch can be heard on several IRMA evergreens like “Moon Beat” by LTJ Xperience and  “Please, Please, Please” by Ohm Guru.

    His first solo Album, “Coffe Connection”, spans fron Nu Jazz to electronic Lounge and involves guest musicians Alan Scaffardi (Papik’s lead singer), Silvia Donati (Bossa Nostra, Arcoiris, Banda Favela, Belladonna), Ricky Phillips, Clan Greco and the inevitable Ohm Guru.



    Play 1. 01. These Notes feat. Alan Scaffardi

    Play 2. 02. Tony Come Back feat. Clan Greco

    Play 3. 03. Blackbird feat. Silvia Donati

    Play 4. 04. False Note feat. Ricky Phillips

    Play 5. 05. Samba e Amor feat. Estrela Guia

    Play 6. 06. Café Au Lait feat. Ricky Phillips

    Play 7. 07. The Hunter feat. Chris Hackman

    Play 8. 08. Morocco

    Play 9. 09. Marshall

    Play 10. 10. Nairobil

    Play 11. 11. Sign Your Name feat. Brad Myrick

    Play 12. 12. Sun Groove

    Play 13. 13. Teacher

    Play 14. 14. Nobody feat. Odette Tips

    Play 15. 15. Scorpion Fish

    Play 16. 16. Tony’s Revenge


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