• LOCOMOTIF – Twimog

    “Twimog”, our debut album, with IRMA records. We’re a guitarless band. We’d love if some of you, in any part of the World, made love to one of our songs at least once in their lifetimes. “Twimog” means “This World Is Made Of Glass”. “Twimog” means that a way to communicate to others the things we cannot say exists. We have put in a box (with a SIAE sticker on it): the moon, bonfires, the almond tree, Italo Calvino, the dream, the journey, black and white, green grass, the distance, lumps in our throats, yesterday, silence, lightness. “Twimog” is all we’d like to do. No guitar, some surface noise, a lot of Rhodes. We’ve self-produced our dreams in one year, you should only believe in dreams. “Twimog” is by Locomotif and Locomotif is Carmine Ruffino (Rhodes piano), Luca Barchitta (drums), Federica Faranda (voice and chimes), with the collaboration of Gianluca Ricceri on bass. Locomotif believes that all is still to happen. Feet on the ground and dreamy eyes, we’d better stay here to feel well. The touch is delicate, but we can get to the end without making noise. There’s a little gloom, good to warm our hearts. And then more dreamlike melodies, far away.

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    Play 1. 01. Forget

    Play 2. 02. Onirica

    Play 3. 03. La luna e gnac

    Play 4. 04. Lost on the run

    Play 5. 05. This word is made of glass

    Play 6. 06. Drunken dreams

    Play 7. 07. Black hot coffee

    Play 8. 08. Amare inutilmente

    Play 9. 09. Mistake

    Play 10. 10. The passer-by

    Play 11. 11. Promenade in the sky


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