• LO GRECO BROS – Different Standards Vol. 2

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    The modern idea of ‘album’ as we know it is born in the 60s. Since then, a 33rpm disc was simply a list of tracks which had been sent to the Radios by the Artist’ Labels without a real logic or any attempt to link the tracks together.

    Soon after, the audio cassette was invented and with it the revolutionary idea to record on the cassette the favorite songs of several artists, a sort of personalized collection created by the listener. The exchange of these cassettes began, with the custom made collections tailored to satisfy different genres and music tastes. That’s where Lo Greco Bros started for the “Different Standards” series. 

    The album cover illustrates this concept graphically: a set of songs performed by different singers and played by different musicians as the many colours found in music. By definition, a song played and re-arranged by different artists becomes a Standard. With their skills, their taste and their experience of Gianni and Enzo Lo Greco (Lo Greco Bros) have created an intense experience.

    The featured guests are: Alice Ricciardi, one of the best Italian jazz vocalists who lives between Rome and New York and has had many releases for prestigious labels such as Blue Note and Inner Circle; Julia St Louis, a singer of English origins that for many years has been performing on the most important Stages in Europe and last but not least, the unforgettable Doctor Feelx, who unfortunately has passed away a short while ago, he was one of the most beloved music personalities in Italy, famous for his performances on radio and television and for Its countless features in many Records. Among the musicians, apart from Gianni Lo Greco on drums and percussion and Enzo Lo Greco on bass and as the Album producer, we also have Germano Zenga, Niccolò Fracesco Ricci, Mauro Brunini, Hendrickson Mena, Antonio Zambrini, Alberto Bonacasa, Niccolò Cattaneo.

    Listen here.


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