• ANIMAREA – Holidays in Rome

    Holidays in Rome is the title of the Animarea’s new album edited by IRMA Records. Animarea is the name of an Italian Modern Jazz Duo composed by Rossana Bern (Lead Voice) and Gabriele Toniolo (Guitarist, Songwriter and Producer).
    A very stylish and variegated project, which is full of contaminations. A trip between tradition and modernity; from the vintage atmospheres of the Italian “Dolce Vita” (in Holidays in Rome, song that gives the title to the album) to the rhythm of the Brasilian Frevo (in Love at First Sight), passing through the Smooth-Bossa ballads (Hunting High and Low and I Will Come), to the Funky-Soul sounds (in You Shine on Me and I Will Never Tire of Fighting for Love), to the Mediterranean atmospheres (in My Heart is Yellow and Far Beyond The Stars), to the Electro Swing (in Smile) and, again, to the rearranged 50’s French music (in Les Copains d’Abord).

    A bright and coloured mixture of sounds. Very different songs but with the same root. Catchy melodies and fresh mood. The lyrics, often autobiographical, deal with love, passions and friendship, with an optimistic and positive attitude.
    The album is fully self-produced and arranged by Gabriele Toniolo in collaboration with Michele Bonivento (talented jazz and funky-soul pianist and organist). Ten tracks: eight new songs and two covers: Hunting High and Low, famous song by A-Ha, rearranged in a Slow Bossa mood, and Les Copains d’Abord, by the French songwriter Georges Brassens, completely remade with a playful and folkloristic sound.


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