• IRMA HISTORY: 1996 – CUADRA and INSTINCTUAL: two brand new Labels

    Following Irma Molto Jazz and La Douce, on the year 1996 IRMA records launch two brand new Labels. The first one is “Cuadra“, with Ricky “Ohm Guru” Rinaldi as A&R Producer, focus on electronic Music “abstract” or “intelligent” as the english music lovers likes to say about it, with a small touch of Tripop and Jungle Meltin’ Pop. The second one is “Instinctual – Inside Grooves“, focus on the House sound inspired by the Newyorkers wave, mixing the sensitive Jazz with Dance Music. The Team of producers are the 3 DJs Uovo, Rame and Dino Angioletti, better known as Pasta Boys !


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