• DRUNKEN BUTTERFLY – L’ultima risata

    The album’s original concept was to be a soundtrack to the silent movie “The Last Laugh” (Germany, 1924) by W. F. Murnau (also know for the movie “Nosferatu”), but during its production it became a work in its own right. Thirteen instrumental suites characterized by dark electrical pathos, enriched by a voice used as a musical instrument. Piano chords, orchestral ouvertures, minimal electronics… weird, ethereal atmospheres  with a violent, enthralling musical expressiveness. An album with extremely full or totally empty spaces, no half measures. A visceral and engaging album. A cherishing album that can also hit straight in the face. ‘L’Ultima Risata’ was conceived, arranged and produced in a farmhouse used as a studio on the hills of Macerata, in the Marche region of Italy. Fabrizio Baioni, Drunken Butterfly’s drummer, took care of the recordings and the artistic production, between the Spring and the Summer of 2009.

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    This Album contains the following tracks:

    Play 01. L’Atlantic Hotel
    Play 02. Ritorno a casa
    Play 03. Der Letzte Mann
    Play 04. La lettera
    Play 05. La livrea
    Play 06. Il furto
    Play 07. Etere
    Play 08. Il risveglio
    Play 09. Lo sprofondo
    Play 10. La vergogna
    Play 11. Comari
    Play 12. Il pentimento
    Play 13. L’ultima risata


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