• anche quest’anno IRMA partecipa a TUTTO MOLTO BELLO !!!

    Anche quest’anno IRMA records partecipa a TUTTO MOLTO BELLO, il torneo di calcetto tra etichette indipendenti, che si terra’ il 13 e il 14 Settembre al LOCOMOTIV Club di Bologna (o meglio nei campetti esterni) [&hellip


    5 Shows for Phinx and Sophie Lillienne on tour in Europe. Two of IRMA records’ Artists, Phinx and Sophie Lillienne will take the sounds of “Hòltzar” and “Lonesterdam” (their current Albums, respectively) over their native Nation’s borders. A [&hellip

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  1. Saturday July 20th, 2013 at 12:27 PM

    with the newsletter from the 5th of june, you mailed me a free download-link for “Sophie Lillienne – Downtown”. So last week i had the time to listen to the track and i was “BLOWN AWAY” ;-), for me the BEST track of sophie, I really love THIS track but the problem is, that there is no free download-link, neither on soundcloud nor on your page ? So, since this is an unreleased track, how can i get it ? please help me out, i need to get hold of this dark dancefloor-MONSTER… please help me out and many thanx in advance ;-)))
    tanti saluti da berlino

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