• Big Mojo – Back where I belong (featuring Johnny La Rosa)

    Big Mojo’s new single, “Back Where I Belong”, anticipating the release of his upcoming album, sees Big Mojo swimming back upstream to the distant origins of the Delta Blues.¬† Featuring the deep, haunting vocals and tasteful Fender Telecaster of Johnny La Rosa, this tune expresses both sadness and hope.¬†Cesare Ferioi (AKA Big Mojo) brings his expert studio production skills to the table, injecting the song with a contemporary vibe that also sinks its roots into a distant time where the clash and coexistence of different cultures generated new scenarios and ways of being.

    The release of the single is also accompanied by a videoclip directed by Fudesan, eclectic Italian fetish filmmaker, and starring the fetish model Rubberstar.


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