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    We are pleasent to show you all the videoclips received from our Artists in order to celebrate our birthday number 23… Many thanx to everybody, IRMA Crew

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    Nu Braz is the music project founded by singer/musician/DJ Emmanuele Cucchi, son of trombone player Franco Cucchi, member of the Riverside Jazz Band, and singer Anna D’Amico, who played a main role on the Italian music scene in the 60’s. Emmanuele has been a professional singer since the age of 5, when he started to

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  • NU BRAZ – Baticumbum

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    ‘BATICUMBUM’ was recorded in Milan, São Paulo, Paris and Rio De Janeiro, blending in its grooves the different cultural influences. While in Milan top musicians like SOULSTANCE, Giacomo Tringali, Jose Mascolo, Marco Brioschi, all members of the original Nu Braz backing band, were involved. S-TONE Inc. together with TOCO (singer and author for Rosalia De

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  • NU BRAZ – Sonho Bossa

    NU BRAZ - Sonho Bossa

    The Nu Braz project is a creation by singer, musician, DJ Emmanuele Cucchi. As the name suggests, it’s about Brazilian music, Braz is the Sao Paulo quarter traditionally inhabited by the Italian immigrants community. Nu Braz’s musical influences come from jazz, Italian 60’s soundtracks and Nu Bossa. The artists involved in the project include:  Josè

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