A for Acid Jazz: GAZZARA pioneered the acid jazz movement in Italy, being amongst the first italian acts to play live at the legendary Jazz Cafè, Camden, London. Their debut album “One” (1996) featured the organist James Taylor (JTQ) as a special guest. B for Bossa: since their second album “Grand Central Boogie” (1998) the

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  • HAMMOND EXPRESS – Another Steppin’ Soul

    HAMMOND EXPRESS - Another steppin' soul (cover)

    Welcome again to the groovy railway of soul: Hammond Express. A few years away since their debut album “Rendez-Vous” (Scenario Music), the italian organ funk combo is back with “Another Steppin’ Soul” (IRMA La Douce), a convoy full of hammond dirty jazz, soundtrack vintage themes and a strong mod attitude. Originally a trio led by

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  • THE PIANO ROOM – The breath feel

    THE PIANO ROOM - The breath feel

    A few musical bars thrown in, less than a hundred seconds into the new album “Breath Feel”: here comes the magical spell of a pure contemporary progressive sound, courtesy of THE PIANO ROOM project. Minds and ears experience far off lands: a double bass driven jazz waltz morphs into some classical piano arpeggios – of

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  • THE PIANO ROOM – Early morning

    THE PIANO ROOM - Early morning

    An acoustic piano playing simultaneously guitar tabs and orchestral transcriptions: not so usual. So is the double bass alternation between romantic bowing and swing pizzicato. And what about a rock drum kit suddenly becoming a symphonic percussion ensemble? When on stage or in the studio, THE PIANO ROOM is all this and much more. Composer

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