• anche quest’anno IRMA partecipa a TUTTO MOLTO BELLO !!!

    Tutto Molto Bello 013_1

    Anche quest’anno IRMA records partecipa a TUTTO MOLTO BELLO, il torneo di calcetto tra etichette indipendenti, che si terra’ il 13 e il 14 Settembre al LOCOMOTIV Club di Bologna (o meglio nei campetti esterni) Vi terremo aggiornati con i Convocati 2014 e i loro rispettivi ruoli sul campo

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  • IRMA GOES INDIE: a compilation, an event


    IRMA records is the longest running Italian Independent label and this year celebrates 25 years in the business. 25 long years in which IRMA has made a name for itself at international level as a pioneer in the style named ‘cocktail music’ and as groundbreaking scouts for discovering and launching a number of international hits

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  • DRUNKEN BUTTERFLY – Epsilon Reloaded


    Released almost a year ago for IRMA records, “Epsilon” represents for Drunken Butterfly a return to the sounds of the origins, but with the experience gained in ten years of musical activity. After having explored in recent years, the territories of post-rock in it’s more dilated and psychedelic fields and based more on rich harmonies,

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    IRMA goes Indie-Rock! Haven’t you noticed yet? Well, it’s a couple of years now that us, lovely chaps at IRMA records, have started to gravitate in that varied and delicate environment… but also a style, a way of thinking that goes by the name of Indie world. We’ve done so, in releasing a variety of

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    Drunken Butterfly have recorded already four Albums: Pornocoma, Aporia, Maggio Giardinaio and L’ultima Risata; it is with their last Album that they have landed themselves a recording deal with IRMA in 2010. “L’ultima Risata” was an album conceived as Live background music for the self titled Movie directed by W. F. Murnau (Germany, 1924) following a

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    Drunken Butterfly’s first album ‘Pornocoma’ was released in 2002 on Fridge Records, following their success at two major Italian contest festivals, and had great reviews in all specialist magazines and websites, receiving also an award as best debut album of the year. In 2004 they toured with Italian rock act Gang and they took part

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