• NEJA – Neja Vu


    For 2013, Neja gets ready to release her brand new Album ‘Neja Vu’: 12 tracks (that include some original titles and some and covers) arranged by Nerio “Papik” Poggi.

    The constant feature of this work is the ability to transport the listener to “other” atmospheres: some are calm, laid back and totally unexplored (like in: Waking Pp, Eu Estou Aqui and Coming Home), while others, already experienced – that come back to you like the echo of a distant  by familiar memory where the air that you breathe , once you are immersed in it , is quite different and smells of new (The Game, Horny and All That She Wants).

    The one that stands out is: The Role Of Love, the Album’s promotional single, which points directly to an erupting sensuality, from an innate elegance of a woman’s body.

    The cheerful and relaxed pace of this album awaken in the listener a general feeling and desire to smile at people, at life… accompanied by the gentle warmth voice of Neja, who never misses a chance to lull us into this sweet atmosphere.





    Neja, an Artist very well known on the International dance scene of the’90’s, has in the last few years been showing a different side to her Artistic range, a much more intimate and sensitive one, even [&hellip

  • NEJA

    Neja (Agnese Cacciola) was born in a village near Turin and as a child she started to take piano lessons and began to sing jazz and gospel at a very early age, slowly progressing and [&hellip

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