• MARGHERITA RINALDI – Cristal Liquido

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    Singer, arranger and composer, Margherita Rinaldi has studied vocal technique and specialised in the stylings and language of jazz with some of the most important figures of international jazz (M. P. De Vito, S.Monteiro, B.Golson, B.Williams, J.Clayton, E.Howard, S.Riggs, G. Rosciglione, E.Antonini, C. Spata). She is active in the jazz sphere participating in festivals and competitions all over Italy and abroad: Phonetica Jazz Festival (Maratea, 2009), Peperoncino Jazz Festival (Grimaldi, 2010/ Laino Borgo, 2011/ Morano Calabro, 2012), Accademia in Concerto (Rome, 2011), Mara Rio (Maratea, 2012), Caffeina (Viterbo 2011), Tuscia in Jazz Festival (Tuscia, 2011), A Cappella Festival (Lipsia, 2012), Percorsi Jazz (Rome, 2013).

    Margherita is a sophisticated singer and a creative bandleader, an artist capable of moving between different genres such as jazz, latin and funk, exploring each through a strong personality that unifies all the songs with a mature and refined way of singing.
    She graduated from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia with a master’s degree in Jazz Music and Music Education. She also graduated from the Saint Louis College of Music in Jazz Singing.

    In January 2018 Margherita released her first album Cristal Liquido produced by Soprano Factory and distributed by Irma Records.

    After several years in which she dedicated herself to jazz and brazilian music, Margherita Rinaldi arrives with an album where different musical styles converge. From samba, to jazz, to pop and electronica, each song passes through different sounds and tonal nuances, thanks to the collaboration with musicians coming from varied musical paths.

    Eight tracks in English and Portuguese that tell a journey in distant worlds but united by a well calibrated sound.

    Margherita Rinaldi is a sophisticated singer able to explore different genres and languages; she is a versatile artist with a strong personality that unifies all the songs with a mature and refined singing style.

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