Venticinque anni. Da tanto esiste la band bolognese dei Joe Dibrutto. Sulle spalle cinque dischi e oltre duemila concerti. Non si può fare a meno di andare a vederli festeggiare questo venticinquennale il 4 aprile, presso Zona Roveri di Bologna. Sarà l’occasione per ascoltare il loro lunghissimo repertorio di covers anni 70 e conoscere i [&hellip

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    (English) A man, a girl, a story suspended between reality and what could happen if…
    Directed by Alessandro Carlozzo (Airway Drummer)

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  • NEJA – The Role Of Love

    (English) The cheerful and relaxed pace of this album awaken in the listener a general feeling and desire to smile at people, at life… accompanied by the gentle warmth voice of Neja, who never misses a chance to lull us into this sweet atmosphere

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  • JOYCUT – Wireless

    (English) This is a Dark and Sensitive Story of Love
    “Wireless” is taken from the album “PieceOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround” (2013, IRMA records)

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  • (English) KALWEIT AND THE SPOKES – Hank’s hour

    (English) “Mulch”, was inspired by one of Georgeanne Kalweit’s loved ones who completely transformed under the influence of alcohol, revealing a very seductive side but one which caused mayhem and generally got this person into a lot of trouble.

    “Hank’s Hour” was directed by video maker Marco Balletti, a graphic and visual artist who also created the entire CD booklet of “Mulch”

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  • (English) Basterd Keaton – Till The End

    (English) “Till The End” è il secondo estratto, dopo “KidNap”, dall’EP d’esordio dei Basterd Keaton “Hell With Spectacles”.
    Il video di “Till The End” è stato girato da “il carota” (alias Enrico Roberto) cantante dei Basterd Keaton con uno smartphone durante il concerto dei Blur a Milano!

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  • (English) SIMONA GRETCHEN – Everted (Part II)

    (English) “Everted (part II) è tratto da “Post-Krieg” (2013, Blinde Proteus / Disco Dada records / IRMA records)

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  • (English) KALEIDOSCOPIO – Estrelas

    (English) Kaleidoscopio are back, they return after nearly 10 years since Voice Me Apareceu, their hit single that brought them to break all records that glorious summer of many years ago, enter all the Top Ten Italian Charts. Ramilson Maia and Janaina Lima, (who has since become X Factor’s choreographer of Brazil), again with IRMA, will release Estrelas the first of ten singles to come out to celebrate 10 years since Kaledoscopio started recording and performing. Estrelas sees ‘Drumagick’ guesting on the record

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  • (English) DRUNKEN BUTTERFLY – Epsilon

    (English) A really long tour with lots of miles covered in the process, sound checks, lots of new people met, checking in and out of different Hotels, trying out all the different local food and… Beverages… And lots of good times in and out of different cities. This is Drunken Butterfly‘s Epsilon tour, taking the name from their latest work

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  • (English) FETZ DARKO – Cinema Acciaio

    (English) “Cinema Acciaio” feat. Noys Narcos anticipates the release of the July 16th

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  • (English) ASSIST – Quello che non hai

    (English) The track reflects on, how often in life some things so much desired first, they finally arrive “… when no longer needed…”!

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  • (English) DRUNKEN BUTTERFLY – Danza

    (English) The Minotaur (man) and “his” Arianne (woman) move while dancing within a labyrinth of ‘Circensi’ reflections. Danza is Drunken Butterfly’s new video premiered on XL, the ‘Republica’’s trendy supplement dedicated to Music and Fashion.

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