Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair is a project founded by Aaron Tesser and producer Gianluca Viani. 
Aaron Tesser has studied jazz with prominent Italian musicians like Stefano Battaglia, Claudio Fasoli and Maurizio Caldura. At the turn of the century he got more involved with the club scene and founded the band Loungerie, working at the same time with various House DJ’s.
Gianluca Viani, DJ producer responsible among other things for dance act Living Joy, which topped the UK charts several times in the 90’s. The other members of Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair are singers Fabrizio Rispoli and Elisabeth Geel, guitarist Lino Brotto, who also writes most of the tune, Marco Carlesso on drums, Nicola Dal Bo on piano, Beppe Pilotto on double bass, Gianluca Carollo and Maurizio Scomparin on trumpet, Piergiorgio Caverzan on alto sax and bass clarinet, Marco Catinaccio on percussion.
 Their debut album is a collection of great Nu Jazz songs, some with very strong melodies like ‘Everlasting Rose’, ‘Stella’ or ‘You, Me And Jazz’. Also included the cover of ‘Feel’, made popular by Robbie Williams.

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